At the Tegla Peace School

At the Tegla Peace School
The Kids to Kids Children proudly wearing their new school uniforms

Tegla Loroupe Peace Race in Tana River, 1st December 2012

GARSEN, Tana River, December 1
In a region where over 200 people, including women and children were killed in attacks that commanded global headlines, Tegla Loroupe organised with the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation (TLPF) another important Peace Race.

Men’s 10K
1. Samuel Macharia and John Keter

Women’s 5K
1. Catherine Moses

The results did not matter as the 400 runners turned up to compete for peace, said Tegla in a phone conversation with Switzerland: When I visited here in September, people were killing each other but now, the two communities have embraced peace.”

The Conflict over natural resources and utilization of the waters of the River Tana has been contentious for a while, leading to frequent clashes by pastoralists and farmers in the County. In September the TLPF already mobilized over 60 professionals from Tana River to travel to the affected areas to preach peace. Today 1500 people took part in the three-day Peace Activities, among them reformed warriors from Uganda, Sudan and West-Pokot, Kenya.

From Switzerland, ON Running had sponsored 100 Pair of running shoes as prices.

Report about the Tegla Loroupe Peace Race:

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